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Contrast and Foster + Baylis join to create a unified global design agency.


“Together, our design agency will create lasting impressions that better resonate with consumers.”

Chicago, USA, 13 February 2024 –– In a strategic move set to redefine the future of brand design, award-winning Chicago-based brand design agency, Contrast is proud to announce the launch of a new global entity that combines over thirty years of expertise, innovation, and creativity, with its merger with London-based brand agency, Foster + Baylis.

This collaboration recognizes Contrast’s and Foster + Baylis’ shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of design excellence. By unifying their talents, resources, and passion for transformational design, the newly formed entity strategically empowers the company to tackle the rapidly evolving branding and design eco-system the industry faces.

Combining the visionary leadership of Matt Clemens, Founder of Contrast and Harvey Foster, Founder of Foster + Baylis amplifies their track records in delivering strategic, insight-driven branding solutions that resonate with global audiences.

“By bringing both companies together, we are leveraging the strengths of our teams, offering a more diverse cultural expertise and combined knowledge of both retail and national brands, enabling us to provide a broader spectrum of insights and services on a global level. Together, we will create lasting impressions that better resonate with consumers,” said Matt Clemens.

Harvey Foster agrees: “It’s a strategic move that is a testament to our shared vision for the future of design and our commitment to delivering unparalleled creative solutions to our clients.”

The merged entity will retain the name Contrast. The company will operate from its current offices in Chicago and London, maintaining regional offices to ensure seamless service delivery to clients globally.

Contrast will specialize in a comprehensive range of branding services, including consumer insights, brand strategy, design, adaptation as well as digital experiences. The merger will provide clients with a one-stop destination for all their design needs.

Both companies are part of the Jupiter Prestige Group, and Mark White, Jupiter Prestige Group’s Managing Director, sees this as an ideal opportunity to strengthen the group’s brand strategy and design offering, explaining: This now gives us a platform for enhanced group proposition as the merger unlocks exciting new possibilities, combining the strengths of two creative forces to deliver an extraordinary level of strategic brand design that we plan to expand further on a global scale in 2024.“

About Contrast:
Contrast is a result of the merger between Foster + Baylis and Contrast, two leading brand design companies that are part of the Jupiter Prestige Group. Contrast is committed to pushing the boundaries of design excellence. With a wealth of experience, innovation, and creativity, Contrast will transform the landscape of brand design, delivering unparalleled branding solutions to clients globally.

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About JPG:
JPG is a global packaging brand management company that brings brands to life through creative ingenuity and technical innovation. Their strategically aligned global office locations enable their teams to work collaboratively and deliver seamlessly.


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