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Going Viral

Forbes recently reported that 76% of social media users (4.1bn users globally) purchased something they saw on social media.

Going viral is an aspiration for nearly any brand or business, but what happens next?

You might plan for your next brand redesign sooner than you anticipated to keep up with this momentum. But how can you ensure the quality and consistency is maintained, while also focussing on speed to market?

With PRIME leading the way this year, gaining this level of attention in the market is a brand’s dream. Leveraging from their high-profile following, PRIME saw near-overnight success, causing sales to skyrocket when consumers went crazy for their products after trending on social media platforms, particularly for Gen Alpha.


For the brands working hard to build their online presence and waiting for that moment, it’s important to remember that virality is simply the first domino.

It’s a natural instinct to focus first and foremost on the area of immediate responsibility; in this instance, production and meeting demand would become priority number one.

However, all aspects of your supply chain should be a priority to ensure your brand’s fast-paced growth is a success, and particularly, not compromising on quality when it comes to packaging.

Here are some areas to consider when planning a new product launch quickly:

Brand Identity

Packaging design is an integral part of your brand identity – it communicates your values and goals, helps build your brand identity and creates brand recognition. But one of the most important functions of packaging, does its current look create a connection with your consumer?

Going viral will help maximise your reach and momentarily boost your sales, but for your virality to breed long-term success, your consumers need to connect with your brand and your packaging needs to create a positive user experience that encourages loyalty and, in turn, high sales.


Never underestimate the power of high-quality packaging.

Packaging design and brand intent, marketing and legal copy, brand integrity through controlled color management and print quality at final production are four key factors in your packaging process that need to be prioritized.

High quality packaging could be the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when it comes to your consumers picking it off the shelf. Consumers are more likely to reach for products that catches their eye and connects with them.

Does your final printed packaging also align with your eCommerce data? Your systems and processes need to align to ensure that no stone is left unturned. Being trustworthy is vital to your brand.

Speed to Market

Do you have the correct systems in place to help your brand develop and manage your increasing number of SKUs? Are you able to continue maintaining the quality of your packaging while delivering quickly?

Prioritizing these three elements NOW in your product development process will allow you to ensure all aspects of future product launches are at the highest standard.

If you’re in the planning stages of a new product launch or extension of an existing range, we can help.

CONTRAST’s team can elevate your product’s design, drawing on 30+ years of combined expertise to develop a distinctive strategic brand design, from your brand messaging and identity to packaging and point-of-sale, to online and in-store activation and beyond.

Working in tandem with CONTRAST, JPG has over 260 team members across the globe. We work seamlessly across our production hubs in North America, Europe and Asia, giving the unique advantage of allowing us to accelerate your packaging graphics supply chain without compromising on the quality of your final printed packaging and brand integrity.

Both CONTRAST and JPG recently worked with US retailer, Michaels, on the rollout of their arts & crafts private brand, Creatology. The combined global team delivered over 2,600 SKUs in just under 5 months.


Are you planning on expanding or re-branding your product range in the next 12 months? Email us at info@thebrandcontrast.com.